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Woman Wants it BIG!This debate has been raging for many years. It’s the debate on what women need concerning penis size. And sex researchers have thrown themselves in the fray for decades just trying to answer that elusive question. Same to several men who just want to know what it takes to land their dream girl in terms of size, of course.

And of course, there have been many studies which ask women about their preferences concerning penis size. Some of the studies have discovered that a number of women prefer girth penis while others love length. More studies still have found that the size of penis always is not a deal-breaker when it comes to long-term relationships. However, this matters more when it comes to that truly casual sex-and here we are talking about long-term friends with benefits, or the classic One Night Stand.

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Should You Enlarge?

Perhaps you are one of those who are spending their time checking out penis enlargement reviews, thinking you should increase length so as to land land that woman of your dreams. You are only half right, brother. The hard, cold truth is that, like several things in this life, this matters only sometimes, and to only some people.

It’s obvious that men who need to go out and play the field should have the right tools. It is as simple as that. And more to this point, you must be confident in the tool you possess. When erect, the average penis measures in at a nominally admirable 5.5 inches or so. Perhaps, this is nothing to write home about. However, across several studies, this magic size has proven to satisfy women. When you measure up below that, or right at the cusp and you are still interested in playing the field, you should consider penis enlargement. Otherwise, they are going to take you off the field.

Penis Enlargement vs. Male Enlargement

However, if you are comfortable with your size and you are ready to settle down, you may be served better checking out different male enhancement product reviews, instead of just solely focusing on penis enlargement reviews. Why? You may ask. It is because penis enlargement and male enlargement are not necessarily similar things. Simply speaking, penis enlargement is a component of the the entire male enhancement industry, and not all men want to increase size so as to increase their sexual performance game.

Size Matters

But that is not to say size does not matter. Yes it does, and not just for women for that matter. Several men might measure up within “normal” parameters. However, still, they feel self-conscious when it comes that time to drop their pants off ,and showcase what they possess. In such circumstances, though they measure in as normal, the size of their penis makes them quite anxious and stressed out. This eventually may give rise to bigger sexual performance problems, which include erectile dysfunction and, yes, early or premature ejaculation. For such kind of men, utilizing penis enlargement devices is considered more about becoming comfortable with themselves rather than pleasing somebody else.

But for those men who need to simply present the best version of themselves so as to attract the woman their desire, it is in order considering relationship goals. Several women who need casual sex, or rather one night stand want above average size penis sizes. But women who are ready to settle down just need something they are able to, in the long-term, work with. For some people, this has a big influence as to whether to undergo an enlargement or not.