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You found your soul mate, fell in love, dated and you are now married? If you never knew, how to have a smoking hot marriage is one of the biggest nightmares for most married couples. Well, you having a smoking hot marriage should not seem like a big mountain to climb. It is much easier than you imagine. Many people have been married for decades and have had smoking hot times in their marriage. Are you so much different to believe that you can have exactly what you are looking for? Below are several ideas to help guys who would like to leverage the love they have within their marriage so as to achieve a smoking hot marriage.

Embrace the Listening Skill in Your Marriage

This point is leans more towards you guys than ladies. Many are times when men don’t listen to their wives. They pretend to be “Mr. knows all”. It’s hard to cope with but men have to take it hard as well. Find time for her and be willing to listen to her expressions. Guys don’t jump over your wife with words and actions.

For you ladies, your husband delights in a listening and obedient heart. If he puts aside time to listen to you, it’s the high time you reciprocated the same for him. Make communication the co-driver of your marriage life. Where there is listening, there is communication. Once you embrace the listening skill, there will be a breeze of smoking hot love blowing across your marriage.

Go Out for a Date Regularly

It’s hilarious that many men get upset when their ladies demand for the kind of dates you used to have before you got married. Guys you started the fire, so you must reignite or end it! This issue is very easy to solve. Whether your wife has been calling for dates or not, you need to plan for the outings. You can do it tactically by asking her how often she would like to go for a date. Be prepared because the answers you receive can be heartbreaking. However, do not relent despite the shocking feedback. The best way to come up with an exciting date is by thinking of the exciting things you used to do while you were dating. Note that, the date doesn’t have to be expensive for her to express appreciation. May be you used to walk in the park while holding hands, or enjoyed road trips in the jungle. Think in that direction and you’ll capture the heart of your wife.

Similarly, ladies should also treat their lovely husbands from time to time. Ladies can also suggest and plan for day outs. A date is a date however little it is. Who won’t appreciate a pleasant little date from their partner in marriage?

Treat Your Wife/Husband Expecting Nothing in Return

This is what kills most relationships. You offer to treat your wife/husband out for a date and remain expecting something in return. Remaining with such hooks neutralizes everything. I feel this is the strongest of all the points on how to have a smoking hot marriage. This is because it gives couples an opportunity to do everything good to their partners and expect very little or nothing in return. This is what doctor love calls ‘unconditional love’. Give your spouse your time, love and affection and you’ll definitely enjoy a smoking hot marriage.

In conclusion, does everyone know that intimacy is a fundamental to a healthy smoking hot marriage? Couples should realize the power of passion and intimacy within their marital relationship. It’ll always solve your needs and differences within your marriage. All in all, couples need to visit for a long lasting marriage guidance and more tips on how to have a smoking hot marriage.