Hot girl wanting to cumWomen are stimulated mentally, then physically unlike men whose visual impression is just enough to make them have proper sexual drive. Men will therefore always have to take their time to trigger them so they can be in the same side of feelings before sex or just during romance. The three most certain methods of doing so are below. Remember that the first and foremost tool in achieving the below is based on understanding your partner. Anyway, be careful, these techniques can trigger your sexual drive as you read them.


She will need your sweet words before anything else. Make her have an idea of what you want, speak it out with courage. They like that courage. Sometimes she might have an idea of what you want to do, but you have to verify this to her still. It is important. Achieve this by the following ways:
* Speak to her about it- Appreciate what she has in her body. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much she makes you go mad about her. Speak some quite dirty words by using some sexual innuendos! This will make her see you sexually.
* Don’t hesitate to show her your penis. This you do after you yourself has already been aroused. Let her know what she has caused you by seeing your penis. Let her touch it as well. She will like it herself, especially when she feels the hardness in it.


*Undress her SLOWLY. Let this take time, as it comes along with tender touch of all over her body as you pull off her dress. Do this while kissing her in the mouth and in the neck occasionally.
*Caress your girl smoothly all over the body. Take your time, hurrying could just demoralize her. Kiss her all over her body, all over but preserve her vagina for the next session of stimulation before sex since that is the main and last organ to be worked on to optimize the stimulation in the very last stage.


* Taking your good time remains an important factor here. This one now will depend on your preference. You can always use your tongue or finger(s).
Upon using your fingers, you have to ensure your fingers have no long nails an this will only cause harm. Your finger should be smooth as well. Positioning your finger will play a big role here. Use your index and middle fingers. The G-Spot is located right just some few centimeters on the top part inside the front vaginal wall. You must understand this since it is the point you need to arouse. Insert your two fingers there in a position that they face you back. Do a rhythmic stroke movement with these fingers. Do this with occasional tender kissing on both the nipples. She will feel it! Do this more and more and she will run out of fluid. Don’t worry, she is the one to tell you when to proceed to the next thing. Now choose the best position and proceed with moderation. Good luck!