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Infertility s a clinical problem that many couples grapple with today and even though most cases are reported in females, statistics by World Health Organization reveals that about 30% of infertility cases are male component of infertility.

Male infertility are caused by factors such as blockage of the sperm duct, infection of the reproductive system, genetic or hormonal factors that may result in the production of low quality sperms and/or low sperm count. It is also true that cases of infertility that caused by infection and blockage of male sex organs may not be as prevalent as those caused by hormonal and genetic factors. For this reason, easy to cure male infertility using easier and less technical ways that by and large, involves the use of cum pills supplements.
If you are a man struggling with hormone related infertility, then the question that should linger in your mind ought not be the best hospital to remedy the condition, but the best supplement and the best medical supervisor to see you through your fertility program. Generally, supplements are taken to spike up the production of the sex hormone, testosterone. And even through some may use them to seek to reverse genetic conditions that are blamed for infertility; this line of argument has time and again failed to convince scientific persuasion. The basic understanding of the functioning of fertility supplement therefore, is to improve libido, to improve sexual performance, to enhance greater energy level and to improve the wellbeing of the patient.

When used properly under the supervision of a doctor, testosterone supplements will first work to boost an individual’s wellbeing and as time progresses, increase semen load volume and hence sperm count. For better results, it is advisable to use conventional testosterones because they are medically proven and safe especially when the conditions that underlie their consumption are adhered to. One of the most preferred conventional testosterone supplements is D-Aspartic Acid, a natural occurring protein that increases the production of two known testosterones: Folic Stimulating Hormone (FLH) and Luteinizing Hormones (LH). Besides, in vitamins Vitamin D and in free occurring mineral Zinc, there are more supplements.
Nonetheless, it is common to find those who trust the use herb for the same purpose. When we consider unconventional testosterones, a herb such as Tribulus Terrestris comes to mind even though its use and supervision may leave a lot to be desired.

Yet, some cases of infertility will never respond to hormone stimulating supplements. They are caused either by infection of the male reproductive organs or by the blockage of the sperm duct. Their cures are more specialized and go beyond the use of hormone supplements.

Some of these conditions are serious and may affect male testis, the prostate glands or it could be a case that results in the bulging of veins above the testicles. When male fertility issues that result from any of these conditions come to the fore, then more specialized infertility remedies such as surgery may be appropriate. Here are other ways of curing male infertility and cum more, where hormone treatment cannot provide a comprehensive cure.

Surgical Procedures
Where there occurs an abnormal formation of bulging veins on the testicles, then a medical condition, varicocele that should be feared. The condition results from the malfunction of valves that regulate the flow of blood in and out of the male reproductive organ. It specifically affects the function vas deferens, a spermatic cord that allows the passage of sperms to the urethra.
The condition is not usually so serious and in most instances it is just a mere painless swelling on the scrotum. In its severe stage however, sperm passage is inhibited and the only remedy is surgical intervention. Surgery restores the function of the veins, the valve and the sperm duct.

Treating Infections
Some medical conditions that affect the male reproductive system may not require surgical procedure. Orchitis and prostatitis are some of these infections. Though manifested in the form of a swelling or inflammation on either the testis or the prostrate, these two infections are serious enough to cause male infertility. Therefore a good treatment of such infections whenever they affect the reproductive organs should reverse the condition and restore fertility health.

Volume PillsNowadays, many of us suffer from health issues that are closely connected to our sexual appetite. The decreased production of testosterone, which is the main male hormone, along with an inability to produce sufficient quantities of semen can result in weak erections and poor orgasms.

That situation can affect our sexual relationship and make our partner dissatisfied with the whole sexual encounter. Surely, that’s not a good scenario for any man.
Fortunately, there are some effective solutions that can really help men of all ages acquire their long-long self-esteem they used to have in the bedroom back. Volume Pills is a well-known product in the global market, that promises to help you become sexually energetic.

General Info of Volume Pills

Volume Pills is considered the ideal solution for those suffering from inadequate ejaculations and infertility issues. A lot of medical clinical trials backup the efficacy of this product and prove its ability to help men regain their determination and become the true kings in the bedroom, and this review can help you gain a better perspective.

Results after using Volume Pills

An overall improvement in your physical and mental health will be the first thing you’ll notice after you start receiving Volume Pills regularly. Men soon realize that their orgasms are longer and better, they are able to produce more semen and that results in a general increase in their sexual appetite. The fact that this formula mainly works by increasing the levels of testosterone in the men’s human body backups the various positive reviews it has gained by former clients.

Most important ingredients of Volume Pills

The combination of ingredients that are included in any supplement, along with their concentration in the formula play the most important role in terms of efficacy and safety. Volume Pills consist of a variety of ingredients that are all natural or herbal, and therefore safe for everyone. Zinc Oxide is an active compound capable of helping men produce larger semen quantities.
Ku Gua, a herb found mainly in Asia can boost the levels of testosterone a man is able to produce and improve his overall sexual appetite.
Solidin and Drilizen are two unique compounds, both of which can act as male enhancement compounds and increase the blood flow that comes to the man’s genital region.

Dosage you should take

The dosage plays a vital role in every supplement. That is the case with Volume Pills, as well. Although the formula is based on natural ingredients, it should still be taken at the proposed dosage. One to two pills every day for about two months is the ideal way of receiving those pills. It is also, advisable that you receive them about three hours prior to your sexual activity.

Price of Volume Pills

Customers can purchase the product via its official site or from one of the many trustworthy available retailers. It is an affordable solution and the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee, as well. The final cost of this formula depends on the amount of pills you wish to purchase and the possibility of an online discount. For a one-month package the average price is about $40, while you can spend a total amount of $350 to purchase a full-year pack.

Volume Pills against Semenax or Volutrex

Three of the most well-known and widely used supplements nowadays, Semenax, Volutrex and Volume Pills are there to help you fight off any infertility issues. Although they are three different products, they have one major similarity: they are all truly effective and safe to use. However, they have some main differences, as well. To start with, their ingredients differ a lot. There is actually no common ground between them apart from the presence of Zinc Oxide in both the Volume Pills and Semenax formulas.

Volutrex consists mainly of Saw Palmetto, Maca Root, Yohimbe and Ginseng, while Semenax is mostly full comprised of Muira Puama, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine and Hawthorne.

Another difference is associated with which form they are available in. Both the Volume Pills and the Semenax are available only as pills, while Volutrex can be purchased only in liquid form. Read this review to find out more about the latter.

Experiencing any type of sexual problem can be really unpleasant for a couple. Men in particular, who are by nature the more energetic creatures in the bedroom should be able to provide satisfaction in both themselves and their beloved ones. Volume Pills are there to help men of every age fight off any infertility issues and experience an improvement to their overall health.

Does semen volume really matter when it comes to sex? This is a question that has gone through every man’s mind at least once. On top of a myriad of other insecurities, pornography gives the illusion that men need to deliver massive amounts of semen. Unfortunately, not many men can actually deliver even half of what those pornstars give out and that makes them feel inadequate and more insecure. Now, knowing that sex starts in the mind, an insecure man will have issues even getting it up or staying hard because they don’t feel good enough and this is where Semenax comes in.

What is Semenax?

Semenax is natural dietary supplement that works by supplying the body with all the necessary nutrients especially amino acids required to produce more semen. This is a product from Leading Edge Health LLC and it has been in the market for many years. The natural supplements help to stimulate several muscles responsible for ejaculation and also improve the semen fluids so you can have a better more powerful load.

Semenax has benefited millions of men to experience:

  • increased number of sperms per ejaculation
  • prolonged orgasm that lasts 2 to 4 times longer
  • more powerful erections and orgasm
  • improved self-esteem and confidence in bed and outside
  • improved relationships
  • increased control over ejaculation

Semenax Ingredients

Besides its effectiveness, Semenax stands out because of the absence of side effects thanks to the all-natural ingredients. This amazing product is a combination of herbs and amino acids that work together to supply the body with the right nutrients for sperm volume. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Swedish flower that helps to improve the health of your prostate
  • L-lysine is an amino acid that enhances your testosterone
  • L-arginine is another amino acid that increase semen production
  • Epimedium Sagittatumis is a herb that enhances blood circulation to the penis and hence an improved erection
  • L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps with sperm motility
  • Zinc Aspartate and oxide to boost semen volume
  • Muira Puama is a herb that improves erection and libido

Does Semenax Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation?

While the natural ingredients used in Semenax may definitely help with erection and premature ejaculation, this product may not work in most of those cases. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are not only caused by low sperm count but other factors as well including emotional and mental issues. A man suffering from these conditions should seek medical and psychological advice first to determine the cause and then take Semenax to take care of the physical part of it.

Where to Buy Semenax?

Due to safety issues, Semenax is only sold on their official website and there are no independent dealers outside. This is to ensure that you get the real product and also enjoy the money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work for you.

Semenax comes in a bottle of 120 pills that should last you for one month. That means you should take two pills in the morning and two in the evening. You will start to see the results in just a few weeks and it only gets better from there.


Semenax will remain as one of the best semen enhancement formulas because the ingredients are able to work together to increase semen volume and the overall health of your prostate. It is recommended by top medical authorities for its amazing success. With a record of increasing semen count by 500% in 3 to 6 months, it is no wonder the biggest pornstars in the world swear by it.

Lifestyle, lack of exercise and what you eat are the primary reasons you could be experiencing below average performance in bed. Low sperm count, weak erections, and unsatisfactory ejaculations are among the most common sexual related problems that many men are experiencing today. To further worsen the situation, testosterone levels in men are currently decreasing which is adversely affecting the sex of many men.

The unfortunate thing about this whole situation is that there are few reliable solutions available. This does not mean that there aren’t sexual enhancement products online and in outdoor outlets shelves but the fact is that they don’t work and in the event that they do the result are short lived.
After some time of research, the comforting truth is that there is hope. However, this hope is not in the magical enhancement pills you see online but in a natural guide that will eventually get where you belong. Shoot ropes is the ultimate solution to your low sperm count problem and here is its detailed review.

What is shoot ropes?

If you relate to low sperm count or any other sexually related problems, then you need to follow closely for this information is specifically for you. The ultimate solution to your sexual humiliations is nothing else but the guidelines and tips revealed to you by Shoot ropes.
The information provided to you by Shoot ropes is a compilation of real experience and proven ways that actually wield fruitful results. In fact, this is the information that a majority if not all porn stars have used to make a reputation of themselves.
Shoot ropes is the ultimate guide that reveals all the secrets that porn stars use to increase their sexual stamina, strengthen their erections and most importantly increase their ejaculatory volume. Low testosterone levels lead to low sperm count and eventually low sex drive. Shoot ropes is made to combat such sexual problems and help you achieve the ultimate sexual prowess and a significantly high sperm count.
As opposed to other sexual enhancement remedies that promise you magical results and exaggerated progress, Shoot ropes is a valid collection of information and tips that will heighten your sperm count levels impressively and naturally.

David Mclaren the founder of Shoot ropes

David Mclaren is the brains behind Shoot ropes. It is worthy to tell you his story for his experience was the lead cause to the inception of the Shoot ropes program.
David was a sexually underperforming man who experienced the lowest of everything sexual. Low sex drive, below average sexual stamina, and low sperm count were among his list of low sexual accomplishments.
One day, however, something spectacular happened. David was having sex with his sweetheart only that this time his lady could describe what they had as sex. She laughed and plainly expressed her dissatisfaction to David. This was too humiliating to David and he took it upon himself to change things.
David dedicated all energies to the solution to his problems and soon results were probable. David consulted with every expert sex expert he could reach. He further did his own research and ascertained that his findings were credible. A combination of his research together with his findings from experts became the foundation of the Shoots ropes program.
As of now, men experiencing low sperm count don’t have to struggle as David Mclaren did since his hard work which is the shoot ropes program is there to liberate them form whatever sexual embarrassment they could be experiencing.

What to learn from shoot ropes?

The shoot ropes program primarily consists of five parts. Also included are two bonus products, though for a limited time.
The major parts of the Shoot ropes program include:
1. Secrets to the diet that porn stars use to increase libido and testosterone levels. Included in this section are foods that could be killing your libido.
2. Proven techniques that will increase your overall sexual ability and boost your semen volume significantly.
3. A guide to supplements that increase sperm production and strengthen your prostates.
4. 12 hints for heightened orgasms. This is a collection of methods embraced by the porn industry to boost performance. With these methods, you will soon forget premature ejaculations and limp erections. Here, you will also find information on how to double your semen volume during sleep.
5. Ways to significantly increase your levels of testosterone. These ways include lifestyle changes that will increase your levels of testosterone levels naturally.
The bonus products include:
1. Secrets to foods that will give you a tasty load that your lady will definitely love. This is the method porn stars use to increase their semen taste for maximum taste.
2. The secret to the smoothie recipe used in porn before a scene for the purpose of increasing semen production and for stronger erections.
The pros of shoot ropes
1. Easy to understand guidelines written in simple English.
2. Testimonials from the users of this product who were once in your situation.
3. Reliable results that are evident right from the start.
4. Proven methods that David used on himself and experienced their results first hand.
5. The program is available in a PDF format e-book. This means that after purchase, you will have access to your Shoot ropes almost immediately since all you will have to do is download it.
6. An assured 60-days money back guarantee in case Shoot ropes doesn’t yield the desired results.
The use of Shoot ropes requires effort since you will have to closely follow the guidelines for impressive results.

Does Shoot Ropes work?

To answer this, start using Shoot ropes today and wait for what your lady has to say.
Low sperm count, below average sexual performance and sexual humiliations are a man’s worst nightmare. In fact, it is just a matter of time before these ugly situations mess your relationship.
Get this right, no woman can stand an infertile, sexually underperforming man. Make the right decision today and see your sex life transform to the best.

shoot cum farIntroduction

I’m going to set out certain facts for you. On the off chance that you contrast yourself with a pornstar, you’re continually going to miss the mark. The sex we see on the web or in motion pictures is an alternate monster to what really occurs in rooms far and wide. Sessions infrequently last longer than twenty minutes, you don’t look great while you’re doing it, the sounds you make are bestial, not hot, and you presumably don’t shoot loads. There’s tidy up subsequently and you don’t simply tumble off tenderly to lay down with an after-sex gleam.

That is the consoling part. The result is that you’re by all account not the only one who supposes it ought to be that way. Genuine young ladies aren’t going to perform like pornstars either, however that doesn’t mean they won’t be baffled on the off chance that you don’t give them probably some similarity of what they need.

Technique 1: Cum More and Shoot More

You should multiply the volume of your load in case you’re going to cum further. The normal cum load contains just a teaspoon of semen. Attempt to shoot a teaspoon of anything over a room and see what occurs. The further it goes, the less observable it will be. Along these lines, while you can actually cum further without multiplying the volume, it’s not going to be the great cumshot you sought after.

Be that as it may, there are additionally specialized troubles included. Some portion of the cumming process is that development of semen at the base of your penis. The more development there is, the more force is made. The more force, the more grounded the cum load when you shoot. What’s more, the more grounded the ejaculation, the further your cum will go.

The principal thing you can do, and perhaps the least prominent, is by going without. By desisting from masturbation, the more volume you will develop when you engage in sexual relations. While an orgasm daily is useful for your body, it’s bad for your odds of a major cumshot.

In any case, abstinence will just go up until this point. There are different approaches to multiply your cum load, and they, for the most part, have to do with what you put into your body.

The most effortless approach to build the volume and nature of your cum load is to take unique boosters. These ground-breaking boosters likewise give you a more beneficial prostate, more grounded erections, and all the more dominant cum shots. Prostate which is healthier creates more semen, drastically expanding your cumshot volume for you to shoot far away than any time in recent memory.

Technique 2: The Longer You’re Aroused, The Further You’ll Shoot

The more you’re excited, the more cum is created, and the more cum is delivered, the higher your odds of shooting a massive load. In any case, there’s something else entirely to it than that.

The way to remain stimulated for longer without cumming is by fortifying your pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles). These are the muscles that assist you to hold your pee in and they’re crucial in holding your cum in too. The more grounded they are, the more quality there will be the point at which they do thrust out the semen.

As such, not exclusively will the measure of cum and the force develop, however, the muscle withdrawal that shoots the cum out will be a power of nature too.

Technique 3: Your partner needs to get you energized

On the off chance that you have no issues with untimely orgasm, at that point, you are a perfect match for a powerful and long orgasm. Your partner should ensure you are extremely horny from the earliest starting point. That implies you need to begin the two heads and make you already insane for joy in the prelude. It should go as far as might be feasible.

We suggest oral sex and stimulation manually. She should dependably stop before the climax, with the goal that you gather a lot of sperm in the gonads, and you are simply holding on to relieve the penis. She should rehash this activity for quite a while and not giving it a chance to wrap up.

At the point when the gonads are actually tight and you start to yell that you need a climax, she should give you a chance to take the arms in your own hands. You ought to choose the snapshot of orgasm, which will make you considerably more powerful. She likewise needs to pick how it winds up. As a matter of fact, she needs to give you a chance to have all the control and enable you to take it away.

Hot girl wanting to cumWomen are stimulated mentally, then physically unlike men whose visual impression is just enough to make them have proper sexual drive. Men will therefore always have to take their time to trigger them so they can be in the same side of feelings before sex or just during romance. The three most certain methods of doing so are below. Remember that the first and foremost tool in achieving the below is based on understanding your partner. Anyway, be careful, these techniques can trigger your sexual drive as you read them.


She will need your sweet words before anything else. Make her have an idea of what you want, speak it out with courage. They like that courage. Sometimes she might have an idea of what you want to do, but you have to verify this to her still. It is important. Achieve this by the following ways:
* Speak to her about it- Appreciate what she has in her body. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much she makes you go mad about her. Speak some quite dirty words by using some sexual innuendos! This will make her see you sexually.
* Don’t hesitate to show her your penis. This you do after you yourself has already been aroused. Let her know what she has caused you by seeing your penis. Let her touch it as well. She will like it herself, especially when she feels the hardness in it.


*Undress her SLOWLY. Let this take time, as it comes along with tender touch of all over her body as you pull off her dress. Do this while kissing her in the mouth and in the neck occasionally.
*Caress your girl smoothly all over the body. Take your time, hurrying could just demoralize her. Kiss her all over her body, all over but preserve her vagina for the next session of stimulation before sex since that is the main and last organ to be worked on to optimize the stimulation in the very last stage.


* Taking your good time remains an important factor here. This one now will depend on your preference. You can always use your tongue or finger(s).
Upon using your fingers, you have to ensure your fingers have no long nails an this will only cause harm. Your finger should be smooth as well. Positioning your finger will play a big role here. Use your index and middle fingers. The G-Spot is located right just some few centimeters on the top part inside the front vaginal wall. You must understand this since it is the point you need to arouse. Insert your two fingers there in a position that they face you back. Do a rhythmic stroke movement with these fingers. Do this with occasional tender kissing on both the nipples. She will feel it! Do this more and more and she will run out of fluid. Don’t worry, she is the one to tell you when to proceed to the next thing. Now choose the best position and proceed with moderation. Good luck!

Hot woman wanted to be eaten outYou want to give your woman some great oral sex, but you just don’t know how to go about it. You want to be able to give her earth shattering pleasure, but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself by trying and failing. You need some help. You need some tips so you can learn basic 3 Tips to Make You a Cunnilingus Pro.

Women Love Oral Sex, and That is a Fact!

Women love it so much, that some prefer it to sex. The reason is that it is a lot more intimate and it offers a greater form of clitoral stimulation. Since some women have a great difficulty having an orgasm from vaginal penetration,
this is the perfect alternative. This almost guarantees that she is going to have an orgasm and you want this guarantee. To leave her speechless in the bedroom tonight, you need to learn some expert oral sex tips that you can use on her. You don’t want to give her mediocre pleasure, and you especially want her to have an orgasm. Using these cunnilingus tips will assist you in that.

To give her this great pleasure, there are a few things that you need to do. First of all, you need to not only use your
tongue on the clitoris but your lips as well. Licking her constantly is a good idea, but if you want to do it like a pro, you need to throw some variety into the mix as well because this will keep her interested and excited. Kissing her
down there with both your lips and your tongue is a good idea because it gives her two different forms of stimulation. It may not seem like a crazy tongue technique, but it will certainly go a long way.

Another way to perform cunnilingus like a complete pro is to not only use your tongue but to use your fingers as well.
You want to ensure that her every need is met in the bedroom. Not only do you want to give her clitoral stimulation, but you want to offer her some g-spot stimulation as well. This doubles her chances of having an orgasm and offers
her far more pleasure than just one form of stimulation. Use these tongue techniques so you can leave her speechless and satisfied in bed tonight. You can give her great oral sex, and you can make that happen tonight.

You want to please your woman by stimulating her with oral sex. You want her to crave your touch throughout the day. When performing cunnilingus, gently kiss and lick around her clitoris. This will build up her desire as you tease her and make her want more. Surprise her by performing different cunnilingus techniques. Try giving her cunnilingus in different positions, and move your tongue in different ways. To find out more about how to give a woman great oral sex, including what not to do, visit these Helpful Sites. Granting your woman the best oral pleasure, shouldn’t be this difficult. You too can make abetter person on bed and offer her the best orgasms. If you want to become the best lover she has ever had, then you need to learn the secret today so you can use it tonight.

Woman Wants it BIG!This debate has been raging for many years. It’s the debate on what women need concerning penis size. And sex researchers have thrown themselves in the fray for decades just trying to answer that elusive question. Same to several men who just want to know what it takes to land their dream girl in terms of size, of course.

And of course, there have been many studies which ask women about their preferences concerning penis size. Some of the studies have discovered that a number of women prefer girth penis while others love length. More studies still have found that the size of penis always is not a deal-breaker when it comes to long-term relationships. However, this matters more when it comes to that truly casual sex-and here we are talking about long-term friends with benefits, or the classic One Night Stand.

Read: Excersises to Shoot Your Cum VERY Far!!

Should You Enlarge?

Perhaps you are one of those who are spending their time checking out penis enlargement reviews, thinking you should increase length so as to land land that woman of your dreams. You are only half right, brother. The hard, cold truth is that, like several things in this life, this matters only sometimes, and to only some people.

It’s obvious that men who need to go out and play the field should have the right tools. It is as simple as that. And more to this point, you must be confident in the tool you possess. When erect, the average penis measures in at a nominally admirable 5.5 inches or so. Perhaps, this is nothing to write home about. However, across several studies, this magic size has proven to satisfy women. When you measure up below that, or right at the cusp and you are still interested in playing the field, you should consider penis enlargement. Otherwise, they are going to take you off the field.

Penis Enlargement vs. Male Enlargement

However, if you are comfortable with your size and you are ready to settle down, you may be served better checking out different male enhancement product reviews, instead of just solely focusing on penis enlargement reviews. Why? You may ask. It is because penis enlargement and male enlargement are not necessarily similar things. Simply speaking, penis enlargement is a component of the the entire male enhancement industry, and not all men want to increase size so as to increase their sexual performance game.

Size Matters

But that is not to say size does not matter. Yes it does, and not just for women for that matter. Several men might measure up within “normal” parameters. However, still, they feel self-conscious when it comes that time to drop their pants off ,and showcase what they possess. In such circumstances, though they measure in as normal, the size of their penis makes them quite anxious and stressed out. This eventually may give rise to bigger sexual performance problems, which include erectile dysfunction and, yes, early or premature ejaculation. For such kind of men, utilizing penis enlargement devices is considered more about becoming comfortable with themselves rather than pleasing somebody else.

But for those men who need to simply present the best version of themselves so as to attract the woman their desire, it is in order considering relationship goals. Several women who need casual sex, or rather one night stand want above average size penis sizes. But women who are ready to settle down just need something they are able to, in the long-term, work with. For some people, this has a big influence as to whether to undergo an enlargement or not.

sperm-34808_640Okay, guys, lets get the giggles out of the way right now. Penis. Cum. Sperm. Spurt.

Have we gotten it out of our system yet? If not, go back up to the previous line and repeat until you don’t feel like laughing.

Why are we here?

Everyone has sexual goals. Whether it’s to please our partner, improve our stamina, or just gain a little bit of personal bragging rights, we all have something we want to improve ourselves on. Today, we’re going to improve our cumshot.

You Laugh

Hey, I thought you were done giggling. But no biggie; this isn’t about being Mr. Serious, this is about you. Online there are supplements and ads, dietary advice, and boasts. But this article is about helping you get the distance you’re hoping for with just a little effort on your part.


Let’s discuss the PC muscles. These are the muscles that control urine flow and the expulsion of semen during male orgasm. Ever try to stop peeing in the middle? Remember the first time you did it, where it was REALLY uncomfortable? Congratulations- that was the day you discovered your PC muscles. Part of the discomfort is that your body wasn’t, and probably still isn’t, accustomed to the idea of using those muscles as anything more than semi-voluntary. When you start out in life, the only thing those muscles are doing is managing the contents of your bladder. As you get older, however, they start taking up a second job, which is the delivery of your baby batter during the male climax.

Breath in, breath out

Anyone who has known a woman preparing for child birth has probably heard of Kegel’s. You can do them too; start by re-familiarizing yourself with your PC muscles – next time you pee, stop about half way. If you aren’t used to it, it’s uncomfortable, but take heart, the discomfort usually diminishes to nothing after a week or so of practice. Remember those muscles.

When it comes to exercise, you have to remember not to over do it, and your PC muscles are no exception. While they work best when you have an erection, you can do Kegel’s anywhere. Tighten those PC muscles for 1-2 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. Do this in sets of 10, three times a day for the first few weeks. Sitting down is easiest, as you don’t have to think about where you’re going, but doing them from a variety of positions will give you the most benefit, just like mixing incline press, bench press, and barbell press gives you better results than just doing bench presses to develop your pecs.

Shower Power

So, you’re ready for the advanced training. Well, every guy has done it- when you were in the shower with an erection, you draped your washcloth over your penis and flexed to lift it. You were using your PC muscles to do it, and great news! You can get that guilty pleasure of “weight lifting” again, secure in the knowledge that you’re doing legitimate exercises. You can think of this as advanced training. Sets of 10, three times, 2-3 seconds per rep. Supplement this with 2 sets of 10 without the washcloth weight.

Go for it!

These exercises aren’t the be all, end all- stay hydrated, each juicy vegetables- but using these techniques you will gain the distance and power that you’ve always wanted. What are you waiting for? Go flex!

oral-sex-1238553_640The Esquire Survey of the American Woman, which was initially published in 2010 and is still popular in 2016, reveals that only 10 percent of women doesn’t like oral sex. While women are more shy in asking their partner what they want in bed, often making the oral attempt look awkward, we bring you some interesting tips to please your woman in bed.

1. Ask a woman what she likes: Don’t assume things. Ask your partner about her preferences and likes. You won’t come across as inexperienced if you ask. In fact, as she opens up and shares her liking, both of you will get to know each other more and your pleasure will increase manifold.

2. Be focused: It’s important to focus on the clit, but do not focus all your attention there. With 8000 nerve endings, the clitoris is super sensitive. So when you focus all you attention there, it borders on being painful. Spread the love using your entire tongue. Take turns to make it soft and rigid.

3. Be gentle: Oral sex is much more than just going down on her. Start slow and be gentle. Start with caressing and kissing her neck, and gently go down. Take turns to kiss her inner thighs and breathe on her labia. Let her enjoy the little nuances of love.

4. There is no rule book: Porn movies will teach you many tricks. Don’t go by those tricks. Remember she is not a porn star, she is your woman. So keep it simple. Make her feel loved. Try swirling your tongue in small circles clockwise and counter-clockwise around her clitoris. You will hit the right spot that would give her orgasmic pleasure.

5. Use your fingers: Once she is turned on, use your fingers to give her the pleasure. Many women enjoy when you put fingers inside the vagina while playing with their clitoris. Try that – she may have a blended orgasm and reach new heights with this technique.

6. Try what you like: Remember the clitoris is like a small penis with double the nerve endings, so doubly sensitive. So think of what pleases you when she goes down on you! Deep suction or gentle sucking? Nibbling or light teeth? Gently try all those techniques on her clitoris. She might like them too.

7. Try different techniques: To make it more fun, try different oral sex technique. Try some of these techniques to make orgasm more fun:

a. Doggy Greet: Use your tongue and penis alternatively. Take her in doggy style and pull out of her when she is about to have an orgasm. Then use your tongue to play with her clitoris until she has her orgasm. Once she has her orgasm, enter her again.

b. Reverse Hug: Hold her upside down in front of you, with her back against your chest and stomach. Wrap your arms around her stomach and lower your face to nibble her clitoris.

8. Don’t make her feel you’re obligated: While you try out new positions, it’s important she doesn’t feel that you’re doing this out of obligation. Remember a woman is most vulnerable when she spreads her leg. So if she feels you’re even a little bored, she will immediately shut you out.

Try these tips to spice up your sex life and add a new flavor to your relationship you have never experienced before.